22 July 2011

The Datsuns Gig, 21st July at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta

After a 9 year await, I could finally see The Datsuns on stage and off stage. It was like a staged rehearsal actually, audience were less than 100 and barely dancing or stomping. There weren't rushing to the front row so I stood right in front of Phil the Datsuns. I could even investigate their gear. Could of steal one or two stompbox if I wanted to. But my hands were too busy doing air guitar. They were using pretty much the same gear as mine, but I never got to produce the sound they were bursting. Might need to omit some of my pedals that I never really use. The 9 minutes "Freeze Sucker" was not only the climax of the night but also an approval for the psych-esque poster I made for them when Dolf told me he like the lettering coz it reminds him a lot of Fillmore posters. Thanks Dolf and Phil.