10 June 2011

Mixtape #1

I was an avid mixtaper back in my youth. I would stay up all night compiling my favorite songs using my 'now defunct' Victor Tape Deck. It has the 'Dolby' switch that would make the song some how more 'warm', it was magical. But those days were long gone, and came the lazy culture of digitals and file sharing. It was my friend Anto Arief who brought back my interest in this matter, through his infamous "Mixtape Project".

When I talked about this to my ex-girlfriend, I was quite surprised by the numbers of mixtape I've made in my highschool years. She said she still has tons of cassette tapes I gave her (and ask me if I want them back, just in case). And she also told me that every cassette has its hand made or drawn cover, some absurd and fews are good she said. Then suddenly, I was reminded by the feelings while making mixtape. It was fun, it was emotional, like writing a poem or something. I used to compiled the songs in my head, write'em down, search for the records and copy them. Also tried to visualize the theme of the compilation.

So once again, after a while, I'm shutting all the digi-music player, compile some song in my head and draw some thing that I feel.