22 July 2011

The Datsuns Gig, 21st July at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta

After a 9 year await, I could finally see The Datsuns on stage and off stage. It was like a staged rehearsal actually, audience were less than 100 and barely dancing or stomping. There weren't rushing to the front row so I stood right in front of Phil the Datsuns. I could even investigate their gear. Could of steal one or two stompbox if I wanted to. But my hands were too busy doing air guitar. They were using pretty much the same gear as mine, but I never got to produce the sound they were bursting. Might need to omit some of my pedals that I never really use. The 9 minutes "Freeze Sucker" was not only the climax of the night but also an approval for the psych-esque poster I made for them when Dolf told me he like the lettering coz it reminds him a lot of Fillmore posters. Thanks Dolf and Phil.

20 July 2011

The Datsuns Poster

Done! See you at Hard Rock Cafe on 21st July, or at Rockvolution on 23rd July.

12 July 2011

Gig Poster

Working on illustration for a band that will be performing in Jakarta later this month. Can't tell the band name yet. But You can always make a guess...

10 June 2011

Mixtape #1

I was an avid mixtaper back in my youth. I would stay up all night compiling my favorite songs using my 'now defunct' Victor Tape Deck. It has the 'Dolby' switch that would make the song some how more 'warm', it was magical. But those days were long gone, and came the lazy culture of digitals and file sharing. It was my friend Anto Arief who brought back my interest in this matter, through his infamous "Mixtape Project".

When I talked about this to my ex-girlfriend, I was quite surprised by the numbers of mixtape I've made in my highschool years. She said she still has tons of cassette tapes I gave her (and ask me if I want them back, just in case). And she also told me that every cassette has its hand made or drawn cover, some absurd and fews are good she said. Then suddenly, I was reminded by the feelings while making mixtape. It was fun, it was emotional, like writing a poem or something. I used to compiled the songs in my head, write'em down, search for the records and copy them. Also tried to visualize the theme of the compilation.

So once again, after a while, I'm shutting all the digi-music player, compile some song in my head and draw some thing that I feel.

04 May 2011

Getting ready for "Interstellar"

Opening for THTC "Interstellar" Artist Series is getting so near. And tonight I'm re-illustrating "Musculinary", will be screen printing this poster for that opening and will be making it in limited numbers around 10 or 15.

If you happened to be in Bandung on 7th May 2011, come join me at Family Affair, Jl. Trunojoyo, around 5PM.

If you're in Jakarta, please visit the opening on may 21st- 2011. Event starts on 4pm at the goods dept. plaza indonesia, jakarta.

23 April 2011

Substereo Farewell Poster

All good things must come to an end. And Substereo Bandung will be postponed for unlimited period of time. You can still listen to Substereo Jakarta 90.8 FM every Thursday 9 to 11 PM.

This is the screen printed poster I made to celebrate.

50cm x 70cm
Acrylic Ink on 220gr Colorline
Edition of 15

02 April 2011

"Masculinary" #2

I decided to re-color this with watercolor. Asked my friends and most of them prefer this one to the 'eye-shocking' one. I'm a sucker for 'fillmore-esque' colours, but I kinda like this one too.

28 March 2011

"Masculinary" for THTC

I had Victor Moscoso in mind when I did this piece. But THTC probably going to use the B&W ink version instead.


28 February 2011

Illustration for Substereo

Substereo is one of few radio programs that worth a listen to these days. If you're living around Jakarta, tune in to 90.8 FM every Thursday 9 to 11 PM. If you're living around Bandung, tune in to 103.1 FM every Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM. I think you could pretty much guess what kind of music you can expect from Substereo by looking at the illustration that I made for them (below). Hopefully will be creating some T-Shirts and Posters based on this illustration, soooon.

12 January 2011


After observing the works by Arian Arifin, John Baizly, etc, I was triggered by my eagerness to practice the pointillism. After few days of attempts, it became really tiring since it demands full concentration on details and one should be given certain degree of patient to finish a piece. I haven't finished it, yet, but I think this technique will be my choice of style. Thanks Arian 13.

12"x 12", Ink on Paper